High Sensitivity DNA Analysis Kits - Details & Specifications

With the High Sensitivity DNA kit, DNA libraries derived from just a few amplification cycles can easily be analyzed, reducing amplification bias and improving the quality of sequencing data (see electropherogram overlay). In addition, the kit offers improved sensitivity for checking the size and quantity of precious DNA samples of limited abundance. Whether fragmented DNA or DNA sequencing libraries, the High Sensitivity DNA kit reliably sizes and quantifies in the lower pg/µL concentration range.

Overlay of DNA electropherograms obtained after 4 to 10 PCR cycles. The amplified DNA could be detected and reliably quantified, even after only four PCR cycles. (Application Note 5990-5008EN)


Analytical specifications High Sensitivity DNA Kit
Sizing range 50 – 7000 bp
Sizing resolution 50-600 bp: ±10%
600-7000 bp:± 20%
Sizing accuracy ± 10% 
Sizing reproducibility 5% CV
Quantitation accuracy1 20%
Quantitation reproducibility1 50-2000 bp: 15% CV
2000-7000 bp: 10% CV
Quantitative range1 5-500 pg/µL
Maximum salt concentration in sample 10 mM Tris and 1 mM EDTA
Physical specifications
Analysis time 45 minutes
Samples per chip 11
Sample volume 1 µL
Kit stability 4 months (see box for storage temperatures)
Kit size 10 chips

11 samples/chip
= 110 samples/kit


1Determined using the respective DNA ladder as sample

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures