Protein ScreenTape & Reagents - Details & Specifications

Separation of monoclonal antibodies with the P200 ScreenTape under reducing and non-reducing conditions

Three different monoclonal antibody (mAb) samples run in reducing conditions show major peaks at 47 and 28 kDa corresponding to heavy and light chains. The same samples in non-reducing conditions show a major peak and smaller peaks representing the intact mAb and various heavy/light chain combinations, respectively. The intact mAb 1 was determined to be 57% pure. For more details, please refer to the application note 5990-9052EN.


Analytical specifications

P200 ScreenTape

Sizing range

10 - 200 kDa

Sizing resolution1


Sizing accuracy

± 10% (CAII, Lysozyme, BLG)

Sizing precision

3% CV


5 ng/ul (Lysozyme, BSA)

12.5 ng/ul (IgG)

Quantitative range

100 - 1000 ng/ul (IgG)

Quantitative precision

15% CV

Qualitative range

5 - 5000 ng/ul (BSA, Lysozyme)

12.5 – 5000 ng/ul (IgG)

Physical specifications


Analysis time

16 samples < 15 minutes

Samples per consumable


Sample volume required

2 µL

Shelf life

4 months

ScreenTape box size

112 samples/box

1. For ladder
2. Signal:noise ratio > 3
CAII = Carbonic Anhydrase, BLG = beta-Lactoglobulin, BSA = Bovine Serum Albumin

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures