SureSelect Mouse All Exon Kits - Details & Specifications

The SureSelect Mouse All Exon Kit is the first NGS target enrichment system to cover the entire mouse exome. Mouse geneticists can now access the SureSelect Target Enrichment System to generate mouse exome sequence data faster and more cost-effectively on all leading next generation sequencing platforms.

Developed in collaboration with leading mouse geneticists, the SureSelect Mouse All Exon Kit delivers a complete view of the mouse exome. The capture is 50 Mb and covers over 220,000 exons within 24,000 genes. The content is based on the current UCSC mm9 mouse genome build and a BED file with exon and gene annotation is available on the Agilent eArray website.

  • 50 Mb capture covers the complete mouse exome
  • Target enrichment spans over 220,000 exons and 24,000 genes
  • Excellent coverage uniformity, on-target specificity, SNP detection and accuracy


Feature Specification 
Mouse genome / exome source content UCSC mm9 / NCBI build 37 (July 2007)
Total capture size 49.6 MB
Number of genes covered 24,306
Number of exons


Average exon size 182 bp
Median exons per gene 5
Average number of exons per gene 8
Maximum exons in a gene 347



For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.