ClearSeq Cancer Research Panels

The ClearSeq cancer research panels are catalog designs focused on targeted gene sets for comprehensive detection of somatic variants in solid tumors and hematological cancers. Developed in collaboration with leading cancer research experts, these cancer research panels enable clinical researchers to confidently identify mutations, indels and gene fusions from FFPE, blood and bone marrow samples.

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  • Contains target regions identified by researchers from leading cancer research institutions to be frequently mutated in cancer

  • Fast track to answers
  • Proven, high-performing capture oligos are coupled with highly efficient SureSelect and HaloPlex workflows, providing faster time to results and compatibility with samples of limited availability

  • Comprehensive Workflow Solution
  • Get from raw data to mutation report in 3 simple steps using SureCall analysis software Obtain all reagents for sample preparation, QC and automation tools from one trusted partner

  • ClearSeq Comprehensive Cancer
    This panel targets 151 key disease-associated genes that have been implicated in studies of a wide range of cancers (eg. breast, lung, colorectal, AML) and is designed for deep coverage of target bases for confident variant detection.
    Compatible with SureSelect Target Enrichment System

    ClearSeq AML
    ClearSeq AML panel targets 20 genes that were identified in collaboration with Dr. Robert Ohgami and Dr. Daniel Arber at Stanford University to be frequently mutated in acute myeloid leukemia (AML). This panel is designed for full coverage of target regions with multiple amplicons covering each target for greater confidence in somatic variant calling. Combined with intuitive data analysis workflows in Agilent’s SureCall software, you can now achieve faster time to results using this quick and simple assay for profiling myeloid samples.
    Compatible with HaloPlex Target Enrichment System



    ClearSeq Cancer
    ClearSeq Cancer is a comprehensive next generation sequencing target enrichment panel designed specifically for genetic anomalies in known cancer hotspots. This NGS application targets a set of 47 genes found in previous research to be associated with a broad range of cancer types as well as with published drug targets. The COSMIC database was the primary reference in the design process.
    Compatible with HaloPlexHS and HaloPlex Target Enrichment System

    ClearSeq Cancer is uniquely suited for high performance with cancer research samples, which are commonly preserved as formalin fixed and paraffin embedded (FFPE). This FFPE process often results in highly fragmented DNA, resulting in insufficient sequencing target coverage. FFPE also commonly produces small changes in single bases, cytosine to thymine, in DNA sequences. Unlike competitive technologies, HaloPlex covers each base with several amplicons, and smaller fragments function as a backup for longer fragments that may fail. This allows for high sequencing target coverage even in highly degraded FFPE samples.


    ClearSeq Human DNA Kinome
    ClearSeq Human DNA Kinome Kit enables you to focus your next-generation sequencing studies on expressed kinases, a rich, proven source of biomarkers. Kinases have been implicated in a number of disease states, including cancer.

    This kit targets 3.2 Mb of the genome for coverage of greater than 500 known kinases plus a number of cancer genes, 612 genes in total, and their associated untranslated regions. This multiplexed kit saves precious time and money as well as fits seamlessly into next-generation sequencing protocols for both the Illumina and SOLiD systems.

    This panel is compatible with post-capture (SureSelectXT) and pre-capture (SureSelectXT2) pooling.

    ClearSeq Human RNA Kinome
    This panel targets a comprehensive set of kinases and kinase related transcripts for enrichment, including over 500 kinases and 612 genes.
    Compatible with SureSelect Target Enrichment System



    For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures