Strand Specific RNA Library Prep - Details & Specifications

Outstanding Performance and Strand Specificity for mRNA and Targeted RNA Sequencing

Discover More with Greater Performance and Specificity Agilent’s SureSelect Strand Specific RNA Library Preparation Kit offers a highly sensitive, strand-specific method for preparing libraries for mRNA or targeted RNA sequencing. The RNA library prep kit provides high strand specificity with greater uniformity of coverage across the entire transcript, enabling a greater understanding of gene regulation. It also provides unmatched accuracy for better discovery of novel transcripts and gene fusions. The kit has been designed to maintain high library complexity even with small amounts of starting material, as low as 50ng of total RNA, for studies with limited samples amounts.

Complete Kits for RNA-Seq and Gene Regulation Studies

Next Generation Sequencing for studying gene regulation is becoming widely adopted and strand specific information can greatly enable further understanding. The SureSelect Strand Specific RNA Library Prep Kit has also been designed to be as complete as possible, including master-mixed reagents and streamlined workflow for less hands-on-time and faster time to results. The SureSelect RNA Library Preparation Kit is an integral part of Agilent’s complete NGS Gene Regulation solutions, including SureSelect RNA Target Enrichment, SureSelect Human Methyl-Seq, and GeneSpring NGS data analysis.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures