Mx QPCR Systems and Complete QPCR Portfolio

Mx Systems Agilent Technologies, building upon Stratagene's legacy of excellence, now provided a total solution approach to real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR). The solution simplifys the challenges you face from sample preparation to data analysis. Whether you are new or experienced in QPCR, your individual needs are met with our comprehensive product portfolio and industry-leading support.

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Agilent's Mx QPCR Systems and MxPro Software deliver industry leading multiplex capabilities and the utmost in uniformity, sensitivity, and flexibility. Brilliant QPCR and RT-QPCR Master Mix products provide specific, sensitive, and fast results, even on the most difficult of targets. Learn more about all Agilent's QPCR solutions:

Quantitative PCR Systems
  •  Mx3005P QPCR System
•  Mx3000P QPCR System
•  MxPro Software - Download software.
•  MxPro Electronic Tracking (ET) Software

ROX Premixed*, Universal QPCR Master Mixes *ROX is optional for the Mx Systems.
  •  SYBR® Green, Brilliant II QPCR Master Mix
•  Probe, Brilliant II Master Mix

Multiplex QPCR Kits
  •  Brilliant Multiplex QPCR Kit

cDNA Synthesis
  •  AffinityScript QPCR cDNA Synthesis Kit
•  AffinityScript Multiple Temperature cDNA     Synthesis Kit
•  AccuScript High-Fidelity 1st Strand cDNA     Synthesis Kit
•  miRNA 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit

Lysis and Stabilization*
*Direct to Application - RNA & DNA Purification Not Required
  •  SideStep II QRT-PCR Master Mix
•  SideStep II Cell Lysis Analysis Kit
•  SideStep Lysis and Stabilization Buffer
•  SideStep mRNA Enrichment Kit

DNA Purification
  •  Plasmid DNA, StrataPrep Miniprep Kit
•  High Molecular Weight, Whole Tissues,     RecoverEase
•  High Molecular Weight, Tissue & Cells, DNA     Extraction Kits

QPCR Plastics & Accessories
  •  QPCR Microtiter Plates
•  Optical Strip Caps
•  Optical Strip Tubes
•  StrataCooler LP Benchtop Cooler
•  StrataCooler Cryo Preservation Module
•  Mx3000P / Mx3005P Real-Time PCR     System Bulb Replacement Assembly

Related Solutions & Applications
  •  DNA Sizing & Quantitation
    & RNA Quality Control

•  Microarray Solutions
•  Next-Generation Sequencing Solutions
•  PCR Solutions
•  Mutagenesis
•  Cloning
•  Cellular Analysis
•  Food Authenticity (Safety & Testing)
•  Automation Solutions
Universal QPCR and RT-QPCR Master Mixes
  •  SYBR® Green, Brilliant III Ultra-Fast
    Master Mix

•  Probe, Brilliant III Ultra-Fast
    Master Mix

ROX Premixed*, Universal RT-QPCR
Master Mixes

*ROX is optional for the Mx Systems.
  •  SYBR® Green, Brilliant II QRT-PCR Master Mix
•  Probe, Brilliant II Master Mix

Specialty Master Mixes
  •  miRNA RT-QPCR Master Mix Detection Kit
•  QPCR NGS Library Quantification Kit
•  Porcine Detection Kit
•  MycoSensor QPCR Assay Kit

QPCR Reference & Controls
  •  Human QPCR Reference RNA
•  Mouse QPCR Reference RNA
•  miRNA Reference Kit
•  Alien QRT-PCR Inhibitor Alert

Purified Total* RNA Products (MVP)
*Includes Small RNAs
  •  Human, Normal Adult Tissues
•  Human, Normal Fetal Tissues
•  Human, Cell Lines
•  Mouse, BALB/c, Tissues
•  Mouse, C57BL, Tissues
•  Rat, Sprague-Dawley, Tissues
•  Rat, Fischer 344, Tissue

RNA Purification (Varying Sources)
  •  Total RNA, Absolutely Kits
•  mRNA, Absolutely Kit
•  FFPE, Absolutely Kit
•  LCMD (Laser Capture Microdissection),     Absolutely Kit
•  Plant RNA Isolation Kit

Custom Manufacturing Services
  •  Bulk, Custom Formulations,
    Custom Packaging and Labeling,
    Quality Management
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures