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Whole Exome Sequencing

Whole exome sequencing of target-enriched genomic DNA allows interrogation of the interpretable part of the human genome at relatively low cost. It has become more popular than whole genome sequencing because it captures the highly inter¬pretable coding region of the genome and is more affordable, thereby allowing large numbers of samples to be analyzed. Exome sequencing can be used for analyses of disease loci that segregate in families, large disease cohorts and validation in WGS studies.

See How SureSelect Human All Exon V5 and V5+UTRs Delivers The BEST Performance for the Lowest Overall Cost.

For Exome Sequencing, SureSelect provides:

  • The most trusted Human All Exon kits
  • Wide Range of Model Organism All Exon kits


The smaller and more targeted your capture, the larger the number of samples you can investigate.
Whole Methylome

Uncover epigenetic signatures faster with SureSelectXT Human Methyl-Seq - a 84 Mb capture kit enabling enrichment of CpG islands, shores and shelves, DMRs and other relevant regions.

No matter what disease you are studying, after performing a genomw-wide screening and detecting putative casual genes/genetic varianrs associated with a specific trait, SureSelect and HaloPlex Cusotm kits provide a solution to follow-up and validate your targets - providing you have the flecibility to add thousands of target regions in your custom design

For Follow-up studies, SureSelect provides:

  • Target enrichment of DNA and RNA
  • Flexibility to capture from up to 24 Mb and beyond
  • Straightforward designs using SureDesing or Agilent's Design Service


Clinical Research Panels

After having a set of regions that you would like to start profiling in large number of samples, SureSelect and HaloPlex allow you to easily design custom panels, for thousands of regions, and provide a simple, fast and straightforward workflow. Premium performance provides better reliability in your results.

SureSelect Provides:

  • Target enrichment of DNA and RNA
  • Flexibility to capture up to 24 Mb and beyond
  • Straightforward designs using SureDesign or Agilent's Design Service


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