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HaloPlex™ Target Enrichment System enables fast, simple and efficient analysis of genomic regions of interest in a large number of samples. Custom designs, for panels containing thousand of exons, are easily created with SureDesign. By combining single-tube target amplification and removing the need for library preparation, the total sample preparation time and cost is reduced without the need for dedicated instrumentation or automation. The availability of 96 indexes and compatibility with different desktop sequencing and high-throughput platforms provide you the flexibility you need to run your experiments. Finally, the assay has premium performance, with high specificity, uniformity and variant detection.

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4 Simple steps with no Library prep:

  1. Digest sample DNA
      A DNA sample is fragmented using restriction enzymes, and denatured.
  2. Hybridize probes
      The probe library is added and hybridized to the targeted fragments. Each probe is an oligonucleotide designed to hybridize to both ends of a targeted DNA restriction fragment, thereby guiding the targeted fragments to form circular DNA molecules. The probe also contains a method-specific sequencing motif that is incorporated during circularization. In addition, a sample barcode sequence is incorporated in this step.
  3. Purify and ligate targets
      The HaloPlex probes are biotinylated and the targeted fragments can therefore be retrieved with magnetic streptavidin beads. The circular molecules are then closed by ligation, a very precise reaction that ensures that only perfectly hybridized fragments are circularized.
  4. Amplify targeted fragments with PCR
      Only circular DNA targets are amplified, providing an enriched and barcoded amplification product that is ready for sequencing.

Create Your Panel

With three steps from sample to sequencer - Easily create your own panels in less than 5 minutes with SureDesign

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