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SureSelect Target Enrichment Solutions allow you to target your research on the regions that matter most to you, whether analyzing the exome or focusing on a small targeted panel. Agilent has a solution to meet your needs. Agilent's SureSelect solutions for targeted DNA or RNA capture allow for you to increase sample throughput via multiplexing while achieving the sequencing depth required to accurately call SNPs, Indels and other mutations.

See How SureSelect Human All Exon V5 and V5+UTRs Delivers The BEST Performance for the Lowest Overall Cost.

A complete and faster workflow

  • Complete kits with reagents for library prep and target enrichment
  • Achieve your results faster with up to 96 indexes, the fastest hybridization time (only one 24 hr hybridization) and a complete automation solution

Your research, your way with flexible custom solutions

  • Capture from <200kb to 24 Mb for DNA and RNA
  • Easily create designs with SureDesign, a free online tool, or use our design service

SureSelect XT or XT2 (post-capture or pre-capture indexing)

SureSelect Target Enrichment solutions are available in either post-capture (SureSelectXT) or pre-capture indexing formats (SureSelectXT2). SureSelectXT is the most proven target enrichment method. SureSelect post capture protocols enable a flexible one for one processing of samples allowing researchers to process any given number of samples. SureSelectXT2 pre-capture indexing protocols improve processing efficiency by pooling samples prior to enrichment. The SureSelectXT2 workflow will process either 8 or 16 samples per enrichment depending on the capture type, i.e. using our All Exon pre-capture kit you can pool up to 8 samples whereas our custom DNA solutions allow for the capture of up to 16 samples per enrichment.

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The SureSelect Target Enrichment workflow is solution-based system utilizing ultra-long – 120-mer – biotinylated cRNA baits – to capture regions of interest, enriching them out of a NGS genomic fragment library. Achieve your results faster with only one 24hr hybridization.

  1. Starting from gDNA, a shearing step produces small fragments

  2. Prepare library with sequencer specific adaptors and indexes

  3. Hybridize sample with biotinylated RNA library baits. Agilent uses ultra long 120mer RNA baits for the highest specificity.

  4. Select targeted regions using magnetic streptavidin beads

  5. Amplify and load on the sequencer
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