Next-Generation Sequencing eSeminars

Agilent's Next Generation Sequencing Solutions allow you to target your research on the regions that matter most to you, whether analyzing the exome, studying the methylome or focusing on small targeted panels, Agilent has a solution to meet your needs. Learn more how the SureSelect and HaloPlex target enrichment products can help you to Discover More.

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2009-2012 Recorded eSeminars … view at your own convenience

Title Date
FFPE and Target Enrichment: A Match or a Mismatch 09/20/2012
Genomic Solutions for Agricultural Research 08/28/2012
Identification of Pathogenic Inherited Retinal Degeneration Mutations Using SureSelect 08/23/2012
Agilent Technologies SureSelect™ Human All Exon Designs: High Performance Target Enrichment System for Human Exone Sequencing 07/10/2012
The Importance of Elucidating Epigenetic Profiles of Cancer Samples 06/20/2012
Comprehensive DNA Methylation Profiling of 3.7 million CpGs with the SureSelect Target Enrichment System 05/23/2012
Agilent SureSelect RNA Target Capture - Focus Your Research to Discover More 05/16/2012
Uncover Epigenetic Signatures Faster using SureSelectXT Human Methyl-Seq 03/15/2012
Discover More, Faster! Agilent SureSelect Overview and Update 01/05/2012
Exome Resequencing in Non-Human Primates 12/13/2011
Whole Exome Sequencing for Mendelian Disease Gene Identification: Perspectives for Clinical Research 10/10/2011
Increased Exonic de Novo Mutation Rate in Individuals with Schizophrenia 08/16/2011
Elucidating Genetic Variations in Cancer with the SureSelect  
Oligonucleotide Microarray Analysis of Genomic Imbalances to Detect Gene Fusions in Cancer 07/14/2011
Using SureSelect™ Targeted Hybridization Capture for Population-Based, Complex Phenotype Analysis 07/12/2011
Optimizing SureSelect Performance for Exome and Custom Re-sequencing Applications 11/16/2010
Introducing…SureSelect RNA Target Enrichment  
Targeting the Human Exome in Medical Re-Sequencing  

Enhance Your Desktop Sequencing Workflow with HaloPlex Target Enrichment: Ion PGM Compatibility, Expansion of Gene Panels 07/12/2012
Next Generation Sequencing: Expanding Cancer Genome Sequencing with Target Enrichment NGS Strategies 06/19/2012
Revolutionize your Desktop Sequencing Workflow with HaloPlex 04/04/2012

SureDesign is Here - Introducing the Simplest and Fastest Design Experience for NGS Custom Design 10/11/2012

Automation Solutions for High Throughput Reproducible Next Gen Sequencing Sample Preparation 06/27/2012
NGS Sample QC with the New Agilent 2200 TapeStation 03/20/2012
Interpretation of Next-Gen Sequencing Performance metrics in Agilent Genomic Workbench 04/14/2011
SureSelect - Designing baits for custom genomes using eArray XD 04/14/2011
SureSelect Custom Library Design Optimization 03/03/2011
Bioanalyzer Applications for Next Gen Sequencing : Updates and Tips 03/01/2011
Ensuring Optimal DNA Quantity, Quality for Next Generation Sequencing with Agilent's Bioanalyzer and the New High Sensitivity DNA Kit 03/01/2011
Getting Started with SureSelect™ - Tips and Tricks 01/24/2011
Solutions for Applying Automation to Next-Generation Sequencing Sample Prep 05/25/2010
Next Generation Sequencing: Improved Library Quantification with Agilent Technologies 2100 Bioanalyzer 11/19/2009
Agilent Automation Solutions: Automation NGS Workflow  
SureSelect-Target-Enrichment-in-Your-NGS-Workflow-Tips & Tricks  
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