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Research Solutions for Target Enrichment
from Custom Design to Mutation Report


  • SureDesign - Create a custom panel design in minutes from 2.5 million probes
  • HaloPlex Custom - Excellent coverage and confident results
  • HaloPlex Exome - Outstanding performance, fast workflow, and low sample input
  • SureCall - End-to-end data analysis

    SureDesign - Create a Custom Panel Design in Minutes

    Use content from the HaloPlex Exome and Cancer Research Panels or start from your own targets to easily create custom designs. Clinical researchers now have an even larger range of design options, backed by the quality and reliability they’ve come to expect from Agilent Technologies.

    • Choose probes from the HaloPlex Exome or Cancer Research Panels
    • Content for panels can easily be customized to add/remove regions

    SureDesign-Create a Custom Panel Design in Minutes

    HaloPlex - Target Enrichment

    • Capture up to 5 MB without sacrificing performance
    • Scale up to 96 samples in less than a day with Agilent automation
    • Superior coverage for comprehensive mutation detection
    • Compatible with Illumina and Ion Torrent Platforms

    SureDesign-Create a Custom Panel Design in Minutes

    SureCall - From Raw Data to Categorization of Mutations

    SureCall addresses the critical need of clinical researchers for an easy-to-use analysis tool that incorporates the most widely accepted open source algorithms.

    For end-to-end data analysis from alignment to categorization of mutations.

    • Easy-to-use and faster time-to-results
    • Streamlined workflow for analysis
    • Reduce the need for complex bioinformatics

    SureCall - From Raw Data to Categorization of Mutations


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