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Agilent SureCall, available at no cost to Agilent target enrichment customers, addresses all the needs of HaloPlex and SureSelect clinical researchers for analysis. This easy-to-use tool performs all of the analysis steps including raw sequence alignment, mutation impact analysis, visualization, and categorization of mutations based on default or customized guidelines. SureCall also provides links to external databases. These self-paced tutorials help to better understand how to best use this software.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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SureCall - Download a Design Downloading a Design
Learn how to download design files into SureCall from your SureDesign account Updated September 2016
SureCall - Running an Analysis Running an Analysis
Learn how to set up and run an analysis workflow for your sample sequencing data. Updated April 2016
SureCall - Configuring an analysis method Configuring an Analysis Method
Learn how to edit mutation category definitions and create custom analysis methods for analyzing your samples. Updated April 2016
SureCall - Reviewing sample results Reviewing Sample Results
Learn how to review the mutations identified in a sample, access published information on the mutations, and make changes to specific mutations. Updated September 2016
SureCall - Adding custom annotations Adding Custom Annotations
Learn how to add annotations to your analysis using track files. Updated April 2016
SureCall - Finding copy number changes Finding Copy Number Changes
Learn how to set up and run an analysis to find copy number variations in your sample.
SureCall - Checking out and signing off sample results Checking out and Signing off Sample Results
Learn how to check out and check in a set of sample results, how to sign off on the results, and how to generate the reports. Updated April 2016
SureCall - Download a Design Running a OneSeq Analysis and Viewing Results
Learn how to analyze sequencing data from a OneSeq target enrichment assay and how view the results of that analysis in SureCall’s triage view. Updated September 2016
SureCall - Running an Analysis Configuring a Custom NGS Report Template
This template is fully customizable in terms of content and format. Watch this video to learn how to customize a template for a custom NGS report. Updated September 2016
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures