Custom & Bulk Reagents

Custom & Bulk Reagents

Successfully Navigate Your Research and Production Challenges with Our Custom Manufacturing Services
Whether you need bulk packaging, custom formulations, higher-level documentation, or want to establish an OEM relationship, our dedicated team of experts will help you find the fastest, most cost-effective way to reach your goals.

Our popular products are Competent cells, PCR enzymes, QPCR and RT-QPCR Master Mixes, AffinityScript and AccuScript Reverse Transcriptases, Reference RNAs, DNA Labeling and Hybridization Kits, Modifying enzymes, GeneJammer Transfection Reagent.

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Bulk and custom manufacturing   Custom packagin and labeling   Quality management and documentation   Materials management
Enzymes, PCR, QPCR, and reagent blends
Competent cells  
Protein expression  
RNA/DNA/protein purification  
Product dispensing in an ISO 5 hood located in an ISO 7 compliant clean room
Custom design boxes, pouches, and labels  
Small to medium scale freeze- drying available in crimped septum vials  
Fills under nitrogen or argon  
ISO 13485 registered
manufacturing facility
Site-audits welcome  
Standing orders
Lot number segregation  
Pre-and multi- lot sampling  
Dedicated freezers  
Direct distribution in Europe and Japan or worldwide through Agilent’s network of distributors  
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.