Agilent's portfolio of CGH (Comparative Genomic Hybridization), CGH+SNP (Comparative Genomic Hybridization plus Single Nucleotide Polymorphism), and CNV (Copy Number Variant) microarrays offers researchers access to a complete oligo array CGH solution for mapping large and small structural variations associated with developmental abnormalities, cancer development and progression, disease susceptibility, and differential drug responses.

  • CGH microarrays allow for the highest quality copy number data. Our CGH microarrays are available for human, mouse, rat, and several model organisms, as well as in custom versions for more targeted analysis. They can be used to perform genome-wide analysis of insertions, deletions, and other structural variations.
  • CGH+SNP microarrays extend our aCGH platform by including a set of single nucleotide polymorphism probes (SNPs) on the same microarray. This allows for the simultaneous, high-resolution detection of copy number and copy-neutral variations, including LOH and UPD, making these arrays ideal for cytogenetic research.
  • CNV microarrays are designed to study the estimated 0.9-1.3% "normal" difference in copy number of the genomes of unrelated people. These arrays are best utilized in CNV association studies.

Microarray type Area of focus LOH/UPD detection Samples
CGH Genes No Constitutional/Cancer
CGH ~ 500 ISCA regions No Constitutional
CGH User-defined No Constitutional/Cancer
CGH+SNP Genes and exons Yes Constitutional/Cancer
CGH+SNP ~500 ISCA regions Yes Constitutional
CGH+SNP User-defined Yes Constitutional/Cancer
CNV Known CNVs No Association studies

Agilent Solutions


  • CGH +SNP
  • CGH
  • CNV
Sample Labeling

  • Genomic DNA Labeling Kits
  • Bravo Automated Liquid Handling Platform

Hyb & Scanning

  • CGH & ChIP-on-Chip Hybridization Kits
  • CGH & ChIP-on-Chip Wash Buffers
  • SureScan Microarray Scanner
Data Analysis

  • Agilent CytoGenomics software
  • Agilent Genomic Workbench (AGW) software
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