Cell Analysis Kits

Agilent Cell kits are ideally suited for convenient two-color flow cytometry analyses.

  • Easy to use - short setup time with no adjustment of instrument parameters
  • Flexibility - analysis of a wide range of cell fluorescence parameters
  • Predefined assays - easy startup or protocol development for extra flexibility
  • Low cell consumption (down to 2,500) - for analysis of primary and other precious cells
  • Fast results – analyze six samples in 30 minutes
  • Results at a glance – automatic data analysis with histograms and dot-blots


For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Product Catalog Kit Size Quantity Price  
Agilent Cell Kit

For rapid analysis of fluorescently stained cells. The kit includes microfluidic chips, reagents and consumables.

5067-1519 For 150 samples $1,414.00
Agilent Cell Fluorescence Checkout Kit

For testing of proper flow cytometry operation.  Kit contains cell chips and reagents.

5067-1520 For 7 tests $589.00