High Sensitivity DNA Analysis Kits

The High Sensitivity DNA kit allows analysis of fragmented DNA or DNA libraries.

  • Increased sensitivity - down to 5 pg/µL
  • Analysis of complex DNA samples - down to 100 pg/µL for fragmented DNA or DNA libraries
  • Broad linear dynamic range - detection of less abundant PCR products
  • Smear analysis - specify size range of interest
  • Quantitation accuracy and reproducibility - quantitation of each DNA fragment against internal standards
  • Minimal sample consumption - only 1 µL of sample required


For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Product Catalog Kit Size Quantity Price  
Agilent High Sensitivity DNA Kit

For the separation, sizing and quantification of low concentrated dsDNA samples from 50 - 7000 bp. The kit includes 10 microfluidic chips, reagents and consumables. Note: incompatible with G2938A Bioanalyzers

5067-4626 For 110 samples $580.00
Agilent High Sensitivity DNA Reagents

Reagents only; no chips.

5067-4627 For 10 chips $342.00