CGH & ChIP-on-Chip Hyb and PreHyb Buffers

Oligo aCGH & ChIP-on-Chip Hybridization Kits

Agilent’s Oligo aCGH/ChIP-on-Chip Hybridization Kit is designed to consistently deliver the hybridization performance your research demands. Optimized kinetics coupled with enhanced signal intensity and maximum noise reduction assures reliable data every time. Validated and optimized for use in Agilent's aCGH and ChIP-on-Chip workflows.

  • Sufficient reagents for the hybridization of 25 slides and 100 slides.
  • Contents includes hybridization buffer and blocking agent.
  • Additional reagents are required to prepare the hybridization solution: Human Cot-1 (Agilent part number 5190-3393), or Mouse Cot-1 DNA (Invitrogen part number 18440-016), or Rat Hybloc (Applied Genetics part number RHB), AND DNase/RNase-Free distilled water (Invitrogen part number 10977-015).

Oligo aCGH Prehybridization Buffer

The Agilent Oligo aCGH Prehybridization Buffer is used to wet and condition arrays for hybridization on a Tecan HS 400 Pro or HS 4800 Pro with compatible hybridization chambers. It provides for a better distribution of the sample over the active area and helps prevent the occurrence of gradients in the signals.

  • For use with Tecan HS Pro instruments. NOTE: This product is not for use with manual protocols.
  • Helps prevent the occurrence of gradients in the signals.
  • Supplies a validated automated solution for hybridization and washing of aCGH 60-mer oligo microarrays.

Download Now. CGH Enzymatic Labeling Kit Protocol v.7.5. For use with:

  • SureTag Complete DNA Labeling Kit (5190-4240).
  • SureTag DNA Labeling Kit (5190-3400).
For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.
Product Catalog Kit Size Quantity Price  
Oligo aCGH/ChIP-on-chip Hybridization Kit Contents Certificate of Analysis
5188-5220 25 slides $562.00
Oligo aCGH/ChIP-on-chip Hybridization Kit, Large Volume Contents
5188-5380 100 slides $1,124.00
Oligo aCGH Prehybridization Buffer Contents Certificate of Analysis
5190-0402 1 Bottle $296.00