Cartagenia Bench Lab CNV Software

Now Available through Agilent. Cartagenia Bench Lab™ CNV software module optimizes your cytogenetics lab workflow. It allows you to put your uninterpreted CNV and LOH lists in their clinical context and turns them into informative, draft clinical-grade lab reports.

Bench Lab™ CNV allows you to efficiently triage and report clinically relevant structural variants, quickly test multiple hypotheses, build robust variant assessment pipelines and draft clinical-grade lab reports with ease, all while building an in-house knowledge database of clinical findings.

  • Easily Interpret aCGH Samples
  • Generate Custom Cytogenetic Lab Reports without additional bioinformatics resources
  • Minimal Lab Interruption with this cloud-based platform
  • Affordable, with a tiered licensing model based on number of samples run

* First time users - please add "Go Live Lite" or "Go Live Standard" starter kit in addition to the annual licenses.

Cartagenia Bench Lab™ CNV is CE marked and registered in the US as an exempt Class I Medical Device and Europe as a Class I Medical Device.

Distributed by Agilent Technologies.

Product Catalog Kit Size Quantity Price  
Cartagenia Bench Lab Annual License (1-500 samples)
G5869AA 1 License  
Cartagenia Bench Lab Annual License (501-2,000 samples)
G5870AA#010 1 License  
Cartagenia Bench Lab Annual License (2,001-5,000 samples)
G5870AA#020 1 License  
Cartagenia Go Live Lite
G5871AA 1 License  
Cartagenia Go Live Standard
G5872AA 1 License