SideStep II QRT-PCR Master Mix

Our SideStep II QRT-PCR products, which use our Brilliant QRT-PCR technology, deliver efficient cell lysis, RNA stabilization, and sensitive quantitative gene expression analysis without RNA purification. These products are ideal for screening multiple samples first so you need only purify the most relevant, interesting RNA samples, saving more than 70% of the costand 60% of the time it takes to column purify RNA

  • One-step QRT-PCR quantification of RNA directlyfrom cells without RNA purification (probe-based detection)
  • Save money: Purify only relevant samples after screening
  • Archive samples: RNA stabilized up to 6 months
  • Save time: High throughput amenable
  • Flexible: Widest range of cell inputs accommodated
  • Accurate data: RNA loss minimized
  • Safe: No hazardous waste disposal and removal

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Product Catalog Kit Size Quantity Price  
SideStep II QRT-PCR Master Mix, 1-Step

Complete kit for -step QRT-PCR from cells. Sufficient for 400 reactions.

400917 1 Kit $661.00