Lambda ZAP II Vector Kits

The Lambda ZAP II vectors combine the high efficiency of lambda vector systems with the versatility of plasmid systems. They enable prokaryotic expression of your gene of interest under control of the lac promoter. In vivo excision of the Lambda ZAP II vector yields the pBluescript SK- vector, which is a high-copy number pUC-based phagemid.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Product Catalog Kit Size Quantity Price  
R408 Intereference-Resistant Helper Phage

Stable and easy to grow helper phage (single-strand size ~4 Kb).

Certificate of Analysis
200252 1.0 ml  
VCSM13 Interference-Resistant Helper Phage

Kanamycin-resistant helper phage (single-strand size ~6 Kb) capable high single-stranded phagemid yields. Derivative of M13KO7.

Certificate of Analysis
200251 1.0 ml $210.00
Rapid Excision Kit

Lambda ZAP and ZAP Express vector excision in less than 10 minutes hands on time, Contains: 1 mL RE704 helper phage (~1 x 108 pfu/mL) XPORT and XLOLR E. coli strains.

Certificate of Analysis
211204 1 Kit $266.00
Lambda ZAP II Vector Kit

Undigested vector, Contains: 20 µg undigested Lambda ZAP II vector, Excision Plating Strain: SOLR, helper phage: VCSM13, ExAssist helper phage, host strain: XL1-Blue MRF'

Certificate of Analysis
236201 1 Kit $644.00
Lambda ZAP II/EcoR I/CIAP Treated Vector

Lambda ZAP II vector predigested with EcoR I, and dephosphorylated to prevent self-ligation. Contains: 10 µg Lambda ZAP II vector, Test instert, Host strain (XL1-Blue MRF'), Helper Phages (VCSM13, ExAssist phage), Excision plating strain (SOLR strain)

Certificate of Analysis
236211 1 Kit $644.00
LambdaZAP II/EcoR l/Gigapack III Gold Kit Cloning kit featuring lambda ZAP II vector provided pre-digested with EcoR I and Gigapack III Gold packaging extract, for the highest efficiency packaging. Contains: Lambda ZAP II EcoR I/CIAP-Treated Vector Kit, 11 vials Gigapack III Gold packaging extract
236612 1 Kit $1,077.00