General Cloning

The XL1-Blue strains are an all-prupose line of competent cells that are ideal for routine cloning needs. The XL1-Blue strains were designed to provide a host for optimal propagation of both plasmid and lambda phage vectors. They allow for blue-white color screening, single-stranded rescue of phagemid DNA and preparation of high quality plasmid DNA. This strain is available in a wide variety of transformation efficiencies, including XL2-Blue which is a high-efficiency derivative, and in either chemically or electroporation-competent versions.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Product Catalog Kit Size Quantity Price  
XL1-Blue Subcloning Grade Competent Cells

For cloning where DNA is not limited, ≥ 1 x 106 transformations/µg

Certificate of Analysis
200130 8 x 0.5 mL $125.00
XL2-Blue Ultracompetent Cells

Highest cloning efficiency, > 5 x 109 transformants/µg

Certificate of Analysis
200150 10 x 0.1 mL $250.00
XL1-Blue Electroporation-Competent Cells

For cloning unmethylated DNA, ≥1 x 1010 transformants/µg

Certificate of Analysis
200228 5 x 0.1 mL $233.00
XL1-Blue Supercompetent Cells

For high-efficiency cloning, ≥1 x 109 transformants/µg

Certificate of Analysis
200236 5 x 0.2 mL $215.00
XL1-Blue Competent Cells

For routine cloning, ≥ 1 x 108 transformants/µg

Certificate of Analysis
200249 5 x 0.2 mL $148.00
Routine Cloning Competent Cell Pack

We have competent cells to fulfill all your cloning needs. This economical competent cell pack lets you optimize your experimental design.

Certificate of Analysis
230248 1 Pack $118.00