Gene Expression Hybridization Kits

Agilent Gene Expression Hybridization Kits offer consistently more reliable and reproducible microarray results through robust fluorescently-labeled cRNA hybridization.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Product Catalog Kit Size Quantity Price  
Gene Expression Hybridization Kit


Certificate of Analysis
5188-5242 1 Kit $271.00
25x Fragmentation Buffer, 10 mL

Contains sufficient volume (10 mL) for hybridizations on 10 slides.

Certificate of Analysis
5185-5974 1 Bottle $248.00
10x Gene Expresison Blocking Agent (lyophilized pellet)

Contains sufficient lyophilized blocking agent (4 vials) for 100 slides.

Certificate of Analysis
5188-5281 4 Vials $495.00
2x Hi-RPM Hybridization Buffer, 25 mL

Contains sufficient volume (25 mL) for 100 Slides.

5190-0403 1 Bottle $564.00
Hi-RPM Gene Expression Hybridization Kit, Large Volume


Certificate of Analysis
5190-0404 1 Kit $1,197.00