Bravo NGS

Fast, accurate sequencing starts with automated sample preparation from Agilent.

The Agilent Bravo NGS (Option A) offers the advantage of increasing throughput without affecting data quality and freeing up researchers from performing time consuming and repetitive tasks. The compact design of the Bravo liquid handling platform makes it an excellent choice for labs with space constraints.

  • Ready-to-use protocols – Quickly automate your NGS sample prep with validated methods for Agilent SureSelect and HaloPlex Reagents
  • Easy to use interface – No programming expertise required to run your automated methods
  • Consistent data quality – Increase your throughput without sacrificing data quality and achieving consistent results every time
  • High Throughput – Prepare up to ten times more samples versus manual processing in the same time

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For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures