NEW! Integrated data analysis for OneSeq Target Enrichment with simultaneous detection of genome-wide copy number changes, copy-neutral LOH, SNPs and Indels in one simplified workflow.

NEW! Optimized for the analysis of NGS data generated using HaloPlexHS with the incorporation of molecular barcodes, allowing for the identification of duplicate reads, hence significantly improving base calling accuracy even at low allelic frequencies compared to conventional NGS methods.

Key Benefits

  • From alignment of raw data to categorization and annotation of mutations in three simple steps
  • Supports four different types of analysis: Single Sample, Tumor-Normal, Trio and OneSeq CNV and Mutation Analysis
  • Supports variant annotation from many public sources, including NCBI, COSMIC, PubMed, ClinVar and custom annotation
  • Reduces time-to-results from days to hours without complex IT infrastructure or special hardware
  • Addresses the needs of clinical researchers from analysis to reporting out of their target enrichment NGS data, eliminating data analysis as a bottleneck

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.