OneSeq Constitutional Research Panel

Building upon SureSelect’s ability to enable the success of constitutional and advanced clinical research, OneSeq allows for the combined detection of CNVs and SNPs, facilitating cytogeneticists and clinical researchers to make rapid discoveries of new genes associated with syndromes, and to investigate the role of CNVs and mutations in many genetic disorders

When compared to deep whole genome sequencing, OneSeq provides a more cost-effective and efficient solution for accurate detection of genomic aberrations and variants coupled with integrated data analysis using Agilent's SureCall software.

Powered by SureSelect, optimized for use with SureSelectXT Reagent Kits (200ng DNA Sample Input).

ONE Revolutionary Assay

  • Comprehensive, all-in-one detection of genome-wide CNVs, copy-neutral LOH, SNPs, and indels in one target enrichment capture.
  • OneSeq Constitutional Research Panel: Comprised of 300 kb functional copy number resolution genome-wide, with higher resolution of 25-50 kb in disease-associated ClinGen regions, copy-neutral LOH as small as 5 Mb, PLUS gene targets from the SureSelect Focused Exome panel.
  • Coding sequence data and copy number variants in one capture with 7Gb of sequencing providing deep and comprehensive coverage: >95% at 20x.
  • For copy number determination, experimental DNA samples are run side-by-side with a human reference DNA sample.
    Click here for more information about the OneSeq Human Reference DNA.

ONE Simple Solution

  • Integrated data analysis -- Analyze, visualize and contextualize OneSeq data using SureCall software, without the need for coding or special hardware.

ONE Streamlined Workflow

  • OneSeq provides more information in a single reaction, streamlining workflows for a more complete picture.


To download design .bed files, please visit SureDesign.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Product Catalog Kit Size Quantity Price  
OneSeq Constitutional Research Panel, 16rxn . Certificate of Analysis
5190-8702 $8,240.00
OneSeq Constitutional Research Panel, 96rxn . Certificate of Analysis
5190-8703 $39,552.00
OneSeq Constitutional Research Panel, 96rxn Auto . Certificate of Analysis
5190-8704 $39,552.00