GeneMorph II

The GeneMorph II Random Mutagenesis Kits have been formulated to produce a more uniform mutational spectrum when performing error prone PCR to achieve random mutagenesis. Other methods or commercially available kits that rely on Taq DNA polymerase for random mutagenesis have shown biases towards mutating A’s and T’s more frequently than G’s and C’s, which undoubtedly skews representation of random mutant libraries. GeneMorph II kits utilize Mutazyme II DNA polymerase, which is a novel error prone PCR enzyme blend with equivalent mutation rates at A’s and T’s vs. G’s and C’s. Additionally, to address the need for efficient and flexible cloning methods while delivering this less biased mutational spectrum, the GeneMorph II EZClone Domain Mutagenesis Kit offers an easy and fast cloning method to perform targeted random mutagenesis on protein domains and promoter elements and eliminates the need to have specific restriction sites.

  • Superior yields over a wide target range - 0.1 to 6 kb
  • Easily change mutation frequency by altering concentration of input template
  • Efficient mutagenesis rates of 1 to 16 bases per kb


For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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GeneMorph II Random Mutagenesis Kit

The GeneMorph II random mutagenesis kit takes error-prone PCR to the next level by combining mutational spectrums of both our Mutazyme DNA polymerase and Taq DNA polymerase. Sufficient for 30 reactions..

Certificate of Analysis
200550 1 Kit $495.00
GeneMorph II EZClone Domain Mutagenesis Kit

This kit features an easy, fast and flexible cloning method so that targeted random mutagenesis can be performed on protein sub-domains and promoter elements. Sufficient for 10 reactions.

Certificate of Analysis
200552 1 Kit $364.00