miRNA QRT-PCR Detection Kit

Qualified reagents for the polyadenylation of microRNAs (miRNAs) from total RNA and synthesis of first-strand cDNA from the tailed miRNAs.

  • Detects mature miRNA
  • Differentiate miRNA that differ by a single nucleotide
  • Sensitive detection down to 10 copies
  • Highly accurate results in 3 hours
  • miRNA Specific Forward Primers
  • miRNA Primer Design Guidelines

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Product Catalog Kit Size Quantity Price  
Human U6 Forward Primer

Human U6 Specific Forward Primer

Certificate of Analysis
600750 200 µL $114.00
miRNA 1st-Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit

Our new miRNA 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit is engineered to deliver the highest accuracy while promoting cDNA synthesis length, yield and RT-PCR performance.

Certificate of Analysis
600036 50 Rxn $303.00
Universal Reverse Primer .

The universal reverse primer serves as the downstream primer in the QPCR reaction by annealing to a universal sequence tag that is added to the cDNA during the reverse transcription protocol.

Certificate of Analysis
600037 200 µL $130.00
miRNA QPCR Master Mix

Kit enables streamlining process without a change in performance

Certificate of Analysis
600583 200 Rxn $322.00
miRNA QRT-PCR Master Mix Detection Kit

The miRNA QRT-PCR Master Mix Detection Kit provides reagents for the synthesis of first-strand cDNA from the tailed miRNAs as well as a QPCR master mix containing all the necessary enzymes, dyes and reagents, to give the utmost specificity for miRNA QPCR

600584 200 Rxn $544.00