GeneSpring GX

Agilent's GeneSpring GX software provides powerful, accessible statistical tools for fast visualization and analysis of microarrays - expression arrays, miRNA, exon arrays and genomics copy number data. Designed specifically for the needs of biologists, GeneSpring GX offers an interactive desktop computing environment that promotes investigation and enables understanding of microarray data within a biological context.

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Clustering and PCA
  • Multi-omic Analysis for Integrated Biology
  • Pathway Analysis and Visualizations
  • Additional features ...

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For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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GeneSpring GX Software Commercial License

GeneSpring GX Standalone -Commercial, 1 Year License

G3778AA 1 License  
GeneSpring GX Software Academic License

GeneSpring GX Standalone - Academic , 1 Year License

G3784AA 1 License