The Klenow Fill-In Kit provides the components needed to perform partial fill-in reactions to prepare genomic DNA for insertion into the Lambda FIX II vector. This kit can also be used to perform a complete fill-in of a 5´ overhang to generate blunt ends, which can be directly ligated. Additionally, the kit can be used to radioactively end label a 5´ overhang with [alpha-32P]dNTP.

  • Includes predigested DNA that can be used as a control


For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

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Certificate of Analysis
600069 125U $114.00
Klenow Fill-In Kit

Contains: Klenow fragment (125 U), dNTPs (separate 10 mM stocks), Klenow reaction buffer, Control DNA. Sufficient for 25 reactions.

Certificate of Analysis
200410 1 Kit $315.00